Friday, October 10, 2008

How to win the Fatloss race slow and easy

The two mindsets, dieting and healthy eating, often do not go hand-in-hand. You can know about tons of ways to get weight off. You can even do it eating your favorite foods you enjoy while you are overweight as often marketed by the major weightloss companies. What does this means? It shows you how to keep eating crap in smaller amounts, lose some weight, and then hope that it doesn't come back.

At first it was just exercise, then you need to cut back the stuff you are eating too much of, next you can replace high calories foods with lower calorie subs and finally you need to brake the chains of junk and went clean.

Would it be easy? Not too bad honestly. You don't need to take an all or nothing approach. You just need to make changes when you are not losing or when you are tired of working out hard for little results. The better the eating the better you would look and that tasted better than Blizzards.

And that is an important key to success. The all or nothing approach was dropped completely. Your goal should not be a size or number.

* Accept today that this is about saving your life and unless you only plan to live for six months you are in this for the longhaul.
* This is not a diet and it is never going to end. What you do and eat to lose your weight should be the same as what you do and eat to keep it off.
* Get a goal that is meaningful. Don't give me some crap size or scale number. When I weighed 250 I couldn't work towards 145 because I had no idea what it would look or feel like. What I could work towards was a race, a pattern of eating, giving up some kind of junky food that was killing me and my family, or taking a new exercise class.
* Work on your inner voice. You gotta change what you say mentally to change physically.
* Find a cheerleader. Read more!